About Us

"My life is unselfish and for others I live,
For not what I get, but how much I give,
For me tomorrow's hope means more than yesterday's mistake,
I wish I could take a gloomy child from grief to a blissful state."
- Sh.    J N Malhotra
Sh. J N Malhotra's words find echo in the philosophy behind Pehli Udaan, a pilot project initiated by Sh. J N Malhotra Trust. Our team comprises of corporate professionals from different walks of life who have now decided to walk together towards a common goal. Through this social initiative we want to provide quality primary education to the girl child and computer literacy to the less fortunate.

Pehli Udaan aims to add wings of education to a needy child's dreams in life. At Pehli Udaan every child is provided with an opportunity to learn. Our project has been designed to nurture and bring out their hidden potential. Social disparity and economic constraints are often, obstacles in the way of their progress and development.

Isn't it ironical that a country which has given the world some of the best doctors, scientists and engineers, also houses the world's largest illiterate population? Absolute poverty in India has deterred the pursuit of formal education, since education is not deemed of as the highest priority among the poor, as compared to other basic necessities.

In spite of the Right to Education being a fundamental right, 50% of our children don't get to see the inside of a school. Despite of a national policy of compulsory free education from 6-14 years of age, only 53% habitation has a primary school. Further, our country also has the dubious distinction of having the highest school dropout rate in the world. Approximately 40% of students, mostly girls, drop out of primary school due to financial and social constraints.

These alarming figures are not a reason to complain against Government initiatives; they are reasons for us to come together and work for a common cause- to work towards educating underprivileged children, in both rural and urban areas.

Our comprehensive programs aim at not only imparting academic knowledge to these children, but also to encourage and cultivate their growing minds to think creatively and identify their true potential.
A registered NGO run by:

Shri Janki Nath Malhotra Charitable Trust
I-42A, DLF Industrial Area,
Phase -1,
Faridabad -121003.





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